FAG Schaeffler will provide powertrains for electric Formula cars

2018-11-12 10:23:54

Schaeffler Investment (China) Co., Ltd., Herzogenaurach Efficient drive, galloping the future: Schaeffler helps the FIA Electric Formula Competition Schaeffler will provide powertrain for electric formula cars The Schaeffler Group, the world's leading supplier of integrated automotive and industrial products, will supply motors and powertrains for the latest all-electric formula cars. As an exclusive technical partner of the ABT Sportsline team and a participant in the Formula E, Schaeffler is independently developing motors for the new season, creating a complete powertrain including motors and gearboxes. Prof. Peter Gutzmer, Deputy Chief Executive Officer and Chief Technology Officer of Schaeffler Group, said: "Electric drives, including hybrid and pure electric, will profoundly determine the future of humanity as a whole. Electric Equations The car is a product that is at the forefront of the times and will serve as a model. Whether in the manufacturing field or in motorsport, Schaeffler engineers will be brave enough to exceed the limits and meet the challenge." Schaeffler will supply and use the complete motor and power electronics unit for the ABT fleet. “This is the entry point for technical cooperation between the two parties. Schaeffler will also be involved in the design of the gearbox. The new design of the gearbox will look a bit different because of the match with the motor,” Professor Guzmer said. Schaeffler will fully participate in the testing of the products and work with ABT to test and integrate the racing components, including static tests, crash tests, endurance tests and track tests. Earlier this year, ABT Sportsline was named by the FIA as one of the eight largest electric equation manufacturers. At present, the first electric formula championship is coming to an end. The finals will be held in London, England on June 27th, and it is planned to start the second season in October. In the new season, ABT Sportsline will put its independently developed car into the arena. “Schaeffler has the expertise and experience in the field of electric drives and is the ideal partner for our challenges.” ABT Team Director and CEO Hans-Jürgen Abt )Say. "The two sides are close and passionate. We all have great goals in the field of electric racing and will go all out." There is still a lot of work to do before the start of the new season. In the coming weeks, engineers will test the first set of parts. The first track test plan will be carried out in June, and the new car certification test will be conducted after the forced collision test and before mid-June. “Time is always in the racing industry, but we are already planning. We believe that we will deliver satisfactory answers in the first round of the second season,” Professor Guzmer said.